January 31, 2023

Blackjack Betting Strategies

Counting Cards
Card counting is considered the answer to successfully winning a game of blackjack. It is one among many tactics that can be used to master the game and increase your winnings. This strategy works by allowing you to keep track of which cards are left in the deck through the use of a counting method. In order to use the card counting strategy accurately, it is essential to understand the basics. The entire idea is based on keeping an eye on which cards are being used so that you can manipulate your bets to better your chances of winning. Counting can be tricky because you have to keep track of every single card that is being dealt not only to you, but to the other players. You focus on which cards are being dealt so that you are aware of which cards have yet to be played, and you do this by counting with ratios. It can take years to learn, and you need lots of practice to effectively master it.

Most counting works by assigning points to specific types of cards. Cards are placed in three general categories: high value, low value, and neutral. High value cards which include aces and ten value cards are worth a negative 1 point, and low value cards which include 2-7 get a positive 1 point. Cards 8 and 9 are not counted. Once you understand the values, you can begin counting. Every time a high value or low value card is dealt, you add or subtract one according to the card. This is called the high-low strategy and is one of the easiest counting methods to use. It increases your chances of winning bets when the numbers of cards that have not yet been played consist of more high cards than low cards, making the game more favorable for the player. Other card counting strategies include the knock-out and hi-opt, or highly optimum.

Other Strategies
Aside from card counting which requires a reasonable amount of practice and serious concentration, there are a handful of other betting strategies that can be used in blackjack. One betting system is known as Labouchere, which has also been called “Cancellation”. You choose a series of numbers which will represent the amount of chips you will bet. You bet by adding the first and last numbers of those series, and then if you win you cancel out those two numbers and choose the next two first and last numbers of the series.

The “Let it Ride” Parlay betting strategy is also useful once you get the hang of it. A simpler system than Labourchere, Parlay works by allowing you to make any bet you wish and then use the profit of that bet (if you win) to place your next bet. It is commonly used in horse race betting and is perhaps the oldest betting strategy to date. The Paroli system, not to be confused with the Parlay system, is another strategy that works by increasing your second bet if you win your initial bet. Determining beforehand how far you are willing to go to increase your bets throughout the game is useful when using this strategy. Many other tactics exist and it is helpful to familiarize yourself with basic blackjack strategy as well as these methods. Many of them require large amounts of patience and concentration, but can be very profitable for the gambler.

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